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My site is a work in progress. It will be worth the wait!

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  1. Super impressed with this, after seeing your maker faire table… I hope you will put together and publish a book of mazes… you could probably link up with other makers to get it produced locally if you desired. Good work!

  2. one more comment, send me an email if you are interested in working on a maze that i will have made into a tattoo.. for some reason you project inspired a lot of ideas– most of which im sure you have considered at some point but I will share anyway-

    -multipath mazes- there are more than one solution, can you find them all?
    -projection- either from 2d on to a physical 3d surface- or using cg rendering.. get it printed on a ball for example..
    -trompe l’oeil related to the above… using perspective drawing techniques
    -3d mazes – can you model the pathways– and say print it on 3d printer, inside and object- just for the challenge.. or make a virtual model of a 3d noodle maze that can be solved by tilting rotating the model
    -the mazes end up having a lot of 2ndary non-maze properties, line density and orientation, various blob like shapes, whitespace, etc. see how you can manipulate these while still remaining true to the art/craft of mazing .. you might start with choosing a line outline and filling in a freehand maze- and go from there… just stake a few steps back and realize that you are also creating art!

    thanks to you and your family for sharing !

    1. Thank you so much! These are all amazing ideas! I am so glad we inspired you!
      I am super excited to try some of these out! Thanks for stopping by our booth, it was nice to meet you!

  3. I met you at Maker Faire and enjoyed the maze. Your sticker is in my journal. I will share with my family. Thanks for making something fun for us puzzle lovers!

  4. We love your mazes! Woohoo!!! …gonna make a life-size one for companies to do team building exercises with??? When they get maxed out or need a hint you have lit arrows on the floorboard. Great work!!! Michelle

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