Spreading a little Christmas Cheer, Uber Maze™ was invited to craft and maze with toddlers to teens while their care givers shopped for Christmas presents!  Tables were set up, crafts were brought out, mazes were sorted underneath plexiglass, and the play began!

There’s just something wonderful about drawing with white board markers on top of plexiglass.  It has such a smooth feel and the kids loved it!  Kids of all ages enjoyed learning how to solve Classic, Noodle and Line UberMazes™ and some teens enjoyed creating a large original crazy maze jam together!  Many children enjoyed putting together ornaments as well.

Original Christmas-themed Uber Mazes™ were a fun take-home treat! Happy to spread some Christmas Cheer while spreading the love of mazing!

Here we are donning our first Uber Maze™ Christmas T-shirt, with the original design by Sophia.  And yes, that tree is a maze! Have a very Uber Maze™ Christmas 2018 everyone!