The Uber Maze™ Experience hosted by the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose on November 20, 2018

Hundreds of visitors attended the Uber Maze™™ Experience which combined the art and technology of stunning mazes into an unforgettable visual and hands-on experience! All ages were in for a treat as they were able to interact with maze artist, Jonathan Pappas, as he shared his passion of mazing.

ABC7 News covered the Uber Maze™ Experience in their evening broadcast!

Watch the ABC7 news coverage here!

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Visitors to the museum’s Art Loft could stop by and Meet the Artist (Click here)

and be delighted by viewing the Art of Uber Maze™ Exhibit which showed a sneak peek into his maze designs over the span of several years.


Visitors could enjoy viewing and solving the giant life-size Uber Maze™ Window Mural previously installed by Jonathan.

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Click here to watch the demonstration!


Many were in awe as they watched the crazy 4×4 Uber Maze™ Demonstrations! Jonathan was always happy to answer questions and discuss how he mazes.  The most frequently asked questions were:

  1. How are you able to keep track of all those lines?
  2. How do you know for sure there is a solution?


Classic, noodle and line mazes were solved with excitement and concentration at our Uber Maze™ Solving Station! It was the first station that visitors went to and was in constant use! Keeping up with the demands of erasing each maze to prep it for the next person was made easier by volunteers from the museum!


 Play testing the first app at the Uber Maze™ Play Tester Station was a big hit!  Testers delighted in bringing our beloved character, Ink©, through a variety of mazes.  Be on the lookout for the app soon!


Visitors designed original maze creations at the Maze Jam Station!  It was wonderful to see parents create alongside their children.  Before coming to this station, visitors were able to be inspired in multiple ways, so they were ready to experience creating their very first maze design. A perfect closure to complete the experience!

And as a wonderful bonus, all day long The Uber Maze™ Movie© was being shown in the main theatre where young and old alike could sit back and be mesmerized by stop-motion animation of mazing! Many little ones were found moving and dancing to the fun, uplifting original music from the sound track:UberMaze™Music©Click here to watch!

To encourage visitors to continue mazing at home, the first 100 families who visited the Art Loft were given a free copy of our very first Uber Maze™ Playbook Sampler© which included The Children’s Discovery Museum Challenge Maze© and many visitors also left with a purchased Maze print and T-shirt!

♥Half of all the proceeds from the sales table were sent to the victims of the devastating Paradise Valley Fire of November, 2018.