The Last Supper


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A truly gargantuan maze. Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper is among his most iconic works. Reimagining it as a maze was an enormous endeavor, but very satisfying when completed. Did you ever notice that the apostles are arranged in groups of threes? They are all astonished that Jesus just said that one of them would betray him. Can you spot Judas? He is the only one with an elbow on the table.

Fun Facts about The Last Supper maze:
The maze consists of 150000 lines, which took 64 hours to draw. When printed on the 2’x3′ paper, it totals over a mile of paths. And yes, I’ve checked, this maze has a workable solution. It is extremely difficult.

If you want to try and solve this maze, it may be a challenge just to find where to begin! I’ll give you a hint: The start is outside the window to the left of Jesus’ head. What’s more interesting is that the end of the maze is inside Jesus. Good luck!


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