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– Enthused Maze Jam User

Welcome to Maze Jam!

Glide Inky, our beloved character, through winding pathways, and into over 300 hand-drawn mazes!

Jam packed with 300 artistically hand crafted mazes by artist/programmer Jonathan Pappas, Maze Jam is not just a puzzle game, but a work of art. Downloaded in over 100 countries, Maze Jam is loved by everyone worldwide!

• Is this like any other maze app?
These mazes were not computer generated by simply pressing a button. They were made by a real person: every detail is purposeful. Some of these mazes introduce all new concepts, including: 3D, Traveling on the line, teleportation, and mazes that combine every concept at once. Are you up to the challenge?

• Who was this made for?
This app was specifically created to produce a delight-directed learning process, so that kids, and adults, can be captivated by the joy of learning. Maze Jam was designed to be non-addictive, and have no advertisements, pop-ups, subscriptions, in-app purchases, or micro payments.

• Is it too challenging? Not challenging enough?
If you have never solved a maze before, or you think you already are a maze master, there is something for everyone!

• Who made this?
The entirety of the Maze Jam app: the software, the graphics, and the music, was developed and designed by 18 year old, Jonathan Pappas. The app will also introduce you to some of Jonathan’s intensely intricate maze fine art. You can even buy them at!

• Values of Maze Jam
◦ Critical thinking
◦ Decision making
◦ Memory
◦ Focus
◦ Reasoning
◦ Navigating
◦ Perseverance
◦ Self-confidence
◦ Fine motor skills
◦ Visual processing
◦ Executive functioning
◦ Non Addictive : Instead, creativity inducing!

Version 3 Update

Inky stays inside the maze! An all All New incredible user experience have been programmed into nearly every maze in Maze Jam! Squeeze Inky through secret passageways, adventure and find hidden secrets. Never fear again that you made a mistake or crossed a line: It just isn’t possible anymore! Test your skill on the mind bending multidimensional aspects of the Noodle Mazes! Travel on the line with the Line Maze. Watch out for the Crazy Mazes! They combine everything in a whole new challenge. Now in over 100 countries, Maze Jam is loved by everyone worldwide!

Version 2 Update

We’ve redesigned the entirety of the Maze Jam App! Solve 300 unique hand drawn mazes. Every detail is purposeful. Play with new Inky Friends and listen to  original Maze Jam music! Best of all, Maze Jam is now free for a limited time! Reduce your stress, and induce creativity with Maze Jam.

I hope you will enjoy this masterpiece!

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