The Art Loft picture windows at the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose were the perfect canvas for Uber Maze's very first giant-size window mural. A Crazy Maze was installed across three window panes, integrating noodle, classic and line maze styles. Besides being incredibly fun to create, this interactive art piece added to the excitement of Maze Month in the Art Loft, being a perfect invitation for attendees to come inside and explore hands-on maze creations!

Click Here to watch the Window Display Maze being created!


Here are some pictures that show the Uber Maze Mural development!

Windows prepped, Mock Up's time to design!
Starting on the first window pane! Onward to the second window pane!

Now for the third window pane!
It's a wrap!

The Uber Maze Team also designed mini maze murals on small windows overlooking Bill's Backyard!

The windows are ready for Maze Month November 2018 at the Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose!!!