Thank you Bay Area Maker Faire for the wonderful experience of hosting a booth this year and thank you for awarding Maze Jam with an Editors Choice Blue Ribbon!

We met fellow maze lovers of all ages and new maze lovers were created!

Our multi-stationed booth was a big hit!

  • AR Maze, where attendees virtually walked through a maze! A huge success!
  • "Giganto" Giant mazes were explored at this popular station, a Mega Smart-Board experience.
  • Maze Jam Playtesting Lots of giggles were heard as play-testers tested the beautiful, new Maze Jam App!
  • The Solving and Creation Stations were full of people focusing on either solving mazes or creating their own unique maze!
  • Live demonstrations of maze art by Jonathan were held throughout the weekend
  • The Maze Theatre played the original stop-motion mazing movie complete with original music!
  • Our Shop was stocked with Maze T-shirts, Maze Prints, Ink Character Stuffies, Original Ink PlayBooks and Mazes to enjoy at home!

Thank you for jamming with us at the Maze Jam Booth!