Welcome to Jonathan’s Maze Bio Page!

Jonathan has been creating mazes since he was 5. He has always had a passion for mathematics, artwork, and technology. On his first day of Kindergarten, Jonathan was so excited to share with his teacher a small notebook in which he had written all the numbers from 1 to 6000. At the age of 9, Jonathan had memorized Pi to the 100th digit. He thinks the most interesting fact about Pi is that you only need 50 digits to construct a circle the size of the known universe and have its margin of error be that of the width of a hydrogen atom. He could talk about math and physics all day!

Jonathan started creating Uber mazes before age 9. Now, at age 16, he has over 300 original mazes with new, creative styles, and he’s always inventing new ways to maze. His mazes include; Classic, Noodle, Line, Crazy, Node, Contour, Lined Paper, Cube, Number, Möbius, Inverse Line, Black and White, Flip, Jigsaw, Multidimensional, Color, and more!  And for a fun twist, he adds portals, locks, keys, bridges, one way paths, and stars. 

This year Jonathan was a Maker at the Bay Area Maker Faire, 2018, in which he dazzled thousands of attendees with the Uber Maze™ Experience. His team also debuted his first maze t-shirt, called “The Unravelling” in Washington D.C.

Now, Jonathan is unveiling his original Uber Maze™ App at the Children’s Discovery Museum right here in San Jose!  He is delighted to bring the Uber Maze™ Experience to the museum. 

2011 – Jonathan Age 9

2018 – Jonathan Age 16