Hello Fellow Mazers! Wow! What an incredible weekend we had at the Bay Area Maker Faire 2018!
Uber Maze hosted a booth called the Uber Maze Experience and thousands of people stopped by for some Uber Maze Time!
Here are some highlights of the weekend:

Thousands of people were drawn to the 30 original mazes that were displayed for the first time ever! They were hung up all around the booth! The Original Uber Maze on 4x4 Canvas (The Uber Maze) and an Original Noodle Maze on Canvas were our two eye-catching featured favorite mazes.

It was awesome to continue to work on The Uber Maze during the Faire, and show how this mega crazy maze is created!

Our Smart Board Maze Area was a big hit! Attendees solved 3 levels of Original Classic Mazes, 3 levels of Original Noodle Mazes, and 3 levels of Original Line Mazes on a home-made smart board, using a hacked wiimote, an infrared emitter (aka the magic wand), and a raspberry pi.

Our home made magic wand was fun for all ages to use!

Our Practice Maze Station proved to be very popular! People could practice all 9 levels before coming to the Smart Board. White board markers were used to solve mazes that were situated underneath plexiglass. A couple of extra challenging original Maker Faire Robot Uber Mazes were included in this station as well! The Line Mazes were a favorite among adults and it was awesome to see faces light up when they were finally solved!

The Maze Jam area was inspiring! This was one station I was really looking forward to! Kids, teens, and adults showed off their own maze skills by creating their own original mazes! Here are some photos:

On Saturday, the Maze Jam experience consisted of everyone collaborating together adding on to each other's mazes to make one big crazy maze...

... while on Sunday, incredible individual mazes were created!

We handed out some free goodies to share the love of mazes! Everyone loved our very own Uber Maze logo sticker. We also passed out very large business cards which included two challenging mazes: one with 5 stars, and another with the Maker Faire Robot.

Overall, the Maker Faire was a blast and I am so thankful that Uber Maze was a part of it this year!

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  1. This is so cool! Great work on your website and your mazes. It’s so cool to see your mazes come to life!

  2. WOW!!!!!! Fantastic stuff. Creative, different, exploratory, genius, amazing. Looking at the mazes viewers did….is so amazing to see people’s creative ideas. The big mazes you were exhibiting are fantastic. I love those T shirts!!!!
    Love you guys, GRAND PA FRANK, NEW YORK

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