Editor’s Choice @ Bay Area Maker Faire 2019!

Thank you Bay Area Maker Faire for the wonderful experience of hosting a booth this year and thank you for awarding Maze Jam with an Editors Choice Blue Ribbon! We met fellow maze lovers of all ages and new maze lovers were created! Our multi-stationed booth was a big hit! AR Maze, where attendees virtually […]

Uber Maze is going to Pitch Tank 4.0 at eBay HQ!

We are so excited to have been selected as one of the five Bay Area entrepreneurs to participate in Pitch Tank 4.0 held at the eBay campus! You can pre-purchase your tickets in the link above. We hope you can check it out! Details on this event: March 26th, 2019 Networking: 5:30pm – 6:30pm Pitch Show: 6:30pm […]

The Uber Maze Experience at The Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose

The Uber Maze™ Experience hosted by the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose on November 20, 2018 Hundreds of visitors attended the Uber Maze™™ Experience which combined the art and technology of stunning mazes into an unforgettable visual and hands-on experience! All ages were in for a treat as they were able to interact with […]

Uber Maze Spreads Christmas Cheer

Spreading a little Christmas Cheer, Uber Maze™ was invited to craft and maze with toddlers to teens while their care givers shopped for Christmas presents!  Tables were set up, crafts were brought out, mazes were sorted underneath plexiglass, and the play began! There’s just something wonderful about drawing with white board markers on top of […]

Installation of Uber Maze Window Mural at Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose

The Art Loft picture windows at the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose were the perfect canvas for Uber Maze’s very first giant-size window mural. A Crazy Maze was installed across three window panes, integrating noodle, classic and line maze styles. Besides being incredibly fun to create, this interactive art piece added to the excitement […]

Learning By Shipping – A Homeschool Adventure

Learning By Shipping I like the phrase “Learning By Shipping” because that’s the experimentation, exploration, and completion product cycle that I’ve enjoyed for much of my life. It’s also a great name for Steven Sinofsky’s blog. Creative Kids and maker faire How does “Learning By Shipping” apply to homeschool? I’ve realized that project-based self-directed learning is […]

Uber Maze™ Event at the Children’s Discovery Museum – San Jose

Uber Maze™ Experience at the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose Event: Meet the Artist Uber Maze™ Experience Place: Art Loft in Children’s Discovery Museum Date: Tuesday, November 20th, 2018 Time: 10:00 AM – 3:30 PM We are delighted to announce that Uber Maze™ will be at the Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose! At […]

Uber Maze in Washington DC: Sneak peek of a new product!

We are on the verge of releasing a few new products. The Uber Maze team is in DC giving a “sneak peek” of a new maze T-Shirt design. Many people have been complimenting our designer wear. If you are interested in pre-orders, please comment on this post!

Bay Area Maker Faire 2018!

Hello Fellow Mazers! Wow! What an incredible weekend we had at the Bay Area Maker Faire 2018! Uber Maze hosted a booth called the Uber Maze Experience and thousands of people stopped by for some Uber Maze Time! Here are some highlights of the weekend:   Thousands of people were drawn to the 30 […]